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Nov 22nd, 2009 Look ten years younger with teeth whitening from Central London dentist Get in touch

Of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures, few have as an effective or dramatic impact as teeth whitening. This is a process that aims to make the teeth whiter by up to an incredible ten shades. It is widely offered by most dentists and is one of the most widely used and affordable of the cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons. In some cases it may be the result of a hereditary condition or medication that a patient is taking for another disease. Teeth can also become stained by certain products such as tobacco and red wine that represent lifestyle choices. More often than not however, teeth are discoloured because of the effects of aging. As we grow older, just as our hair loses its natural colour and turns grey, our teeth also begin to lose their natural colour and start to turn a yellow colour. This occurs because over time the enamel, the hard substance that coats the surface of the teeth, becomes stained by substances ingested through the mouth. Enamel staining can be kept to a minimum by effective brushing and cleaning. This is because the pellicle film that is responsible for enamel staining can be removed by brushing. However, if the enamel itself becomes stained, there is no option but to bleach the teeth white. Because teeth whitening appears to reverse the effects of time by making the teeth look whiter it can be very effective at making the patient look much younger than they are.

Whitening is offered by most dentists. It will almost certainly be carried out in the surgery for the first appointment. This is because the active ingredient in whitening gels is hydrogen peroxide. This substance can be very damaging to soft tissue such as lips and gums in high concentrations and incorrectly applied. A dentist will be able to protect these vulnerable areas while offering the maximum strength whitening for your teeth. After initial treatments, it may be possible for the dentist to prepare lower strength treatments in trays that can be used at home. Never buy or use any whitening kits from the internet as the inconsistencies in strength can be very dangerous.

Teeth whitening is offered by Central London dentists as one of the most effective and affordable treatments. If carried out by a dentist, the risks associated with some teeth whitening are significantly reduced. In fact the most discomfort that patients will feel is a slight sensitivity for a few days after treatment. Teeth whitening is immediately more effective for some people than others and may take several treatments for some people to notice results. Ask your dentist more about the benefits of teeth whitening. Call 020 7935 5332 for a free consultation.

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