Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Aug 10th, 2010 Look younger with porcelain veneers from City of London dentist Get in touch

If you are concerned about your worn, discoloured or chipped teeth and think they could be spoiling your appearance, there are many cosmetic dentistry procedures you could have performed to have them repaired and restored. However, probably the most impressive are porcelain veneers. These thin ceramic caps are placed over the top of the existing teeth to completely restore their appearance and make them look even, white and healthy.

Veneers have been used for many years as a restorative dental tool but in the last few years the technology has really improved. Modern veneers are incredibly thin, often meaning that no otherwise healthy enamel has to be removed before they are fitted. Some are only as thick as a contact lens and are easily cemented over the top of the teeth with composite resin bonding.

Other new technology such as Cerec has greatly reduced the amount of time needed to manufacture and design veneers which means you could have your veneers in as little as two appointments. Veneers are capable of lasting up to twenty years if they are properly maintained with brushing and flossing.

City of London dentist are fully trained in the design and fitting of dental veneers. A well-crafted set will truly rejuvenate the appearance of a smile as well as your overall appearance. White, healthy looking teeth are subconsciously associated with youth so you could take years off your age without having to go anywhere near a surgeons knife. Ask your dentist to find out more about the possibilities of porcelain veneers at your next appointment.

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