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Apr 6th, 2011 Looking after your child’s smile: It’s easier than you think with help from City of London dentists Get in touch

Being a parent means look after your children and doing your best to make sure that they have an excellent start in life. You will probably be anxious to ensure that they go to the right school, have a pleasant group of friends and are fruitfully pursuing their budding hobbies. It also means that you have a responsibility for their health and you will be all too aware that any health problems developed in childhood might blight them for the rest of their lives.

Looking after your children’s teeth can seem like a difficult task given how much youngsters love sweets and are reluctant to brush their teeth. But with a few simple techniques and routines it can be a lot easier than you think. Giving children incentives to brush their teeth can be a very effective method indeed. Perhaps avoid giving them sweets as their treat though!

Many people favour drawing up a wall chart with their child so that they can tick off the days as they successfully brush their teeth. Children actually like order a lot more than some people think and a wall chart appeals to this part of their nature. It is the aim of such an exercise for children to find eventually that tooth brushing becomes just a part of their routine, long after the chart has been finished.

Take them to see the dentist on regular basis so that being in the surgery and among dental professionals becomes something that is normal and not to be feared or apprehensive towards. Your City of London dentist will also be able to check that their teeth are developing as they should be and that no insidious dental conditions are developing.

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