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Jul 2nd, 2015 Looking After Your Mouth for Lifelong Good Health Get in touch

Beautifully HappyIt may sound a little far-fetched to say that looking after your teeth can help you to live a longer, healthier life, but research suggests that this is the case. Numerous studies have confirmed a strong link between the mouth and the rest of the body with gum disease linked to a higher risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease, so brushing has never been more important. If you’re eager to enjoy a long life free of ailments and illnesses, why not start by brushing up on your oral health habits? Here are some tips to help you improve your oral health and reduce your risk of contracting serious diseases:

Hone your oral hygiene routine

Everybody should have a good daily oral hygiene regime in place, no matter how hectic your work schedule is or how busy you are trying to get kids out of the door or get to work in time in the morning. Simply devoting two minutes each morning and evening to brushing your teeth thoroughly goes a long way to battling dental disease and ensuring your teeth look bright and clean. When brushing, take care to brush for the recommended two minutes, cover every surface of every tooth and avoid brushing aggressively. You only need to be gentle, as you don’t want to damage the enamel. It’s also advisable to floss or clean with an inter-dental brush on a daily basis.

Book regular check-ups

Seeing your dentist every six to nine months is a great way of improving your oral health and ensuring that any problems that crop up can be dealt with as quickly as possible. Dental checks only last a few minutes and they’re not painful. If there’s nothing wrong, you won’t have to go again for another six months and you can relax! If you’re due a check-up, why not call today and book one?

Be aware of warning signs

With dental diseases, the longer you leave them, the worse they tend to get, so it’s always beneficial to have a look around your mouth and be wary of potential warning signs. Look out for changes in the appearance of the teeth or gums and see your dentist if you notice bleeding when you brush, suffer from toothache or sensitivity or your gums are swollen and sore. It’s also beneficial to be wary of signs of oral cancer, which include slow-healing sores and ulcers, abnormal swelling in the mouth or throat and red or white patches in the mouth or throat.

Eat healthily

Your diet has a major influence on both oral and general health and eating well is hugely beneficial. Try to steer clear of sugary and acidic foods to reduce the risk of acid erosion and include foods in your diet that have oral health benefits, such as milk, cheese and natural yoghurt, fruit and vegetables and oily fish.

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