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Feb 21st, 2013 Looking After Your TMJ In London W1 Get in touch

There are some very delicate joints in your body that need looking after at all costs and your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are two of the most delicate of all. This is the joints where you’re your lower jaw joins with your upper jaw and is then surrounded by muscle and tissue. This area goes through a lot during the average day with all of that chewing and chattering that you do every day in London W1. But it is normally designed to take these type of stresses; what it isn’t designed to take are severe forces going through it that come from playing contact sports, or the most destructive of all, teeth grinding. And you will start to notice when things are going wrong with your TMJ very soon after the damage is starting to take hold. Not only may your teeth suffer, your jaws may start to click and ache and this is the time to get to work on repairing the problem because if the issue continues, you will start to do damage to your hearing, your head, your neck and upper back too. Repairing this may take some serious surgery and even then, in the case of your neck, you can damage your central nervous system, which will never be the same again.

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