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Nov 12th, 2013 Looking into the increasing popularity of Dentures in London W1 Get in touch

iStock_000001998629XSmallThere was a time when the development of dental implants were going to signal the end of dentures, and for some people that have had to endure them in the past- good riddance too; suffice to say, they weren’t the favourite method of overcoming tooth loss in London W1. However, they seem to be making a dramatic comeback into fashion again, and for many reasons. You need to protect the ‘bite’ of your mouth after tooth loss and dentures are very good for this and are easy to fit once impressions have been taken of the affected areas in order to make them. They are also easy to manage on a daily basis and modern, better cements being used also help them to stick in the mouth more securely. But it is what dentures are being manufactured from that has tipped the scales in their favour; softer materials help to adapt better to the changing shape of the mouth as the gums shrink, hence they marry up better to the inside of the mouth; they also look incredibly natural as well. Dental implants ironically have helped save the day for dentures as well; a few of these in the mouth, locking them firmly into place, and you truly do have a very strong fitting indeed.


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