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Feb 2nd, 2012 Losing a Tooth in West London Get in touch

4515314_blogNow, we can never prepare for the unexpected, and accidents do happen, but you can always be prepared should a crisis arise in west London.

Losing a tooth in an accident is akin to losing an appendage, but because of the wonders of modern science, such losses can be reunited with the body again. However, there is a time limit before this becomes impossible to do and of course it depends on how far from treatment you are. But let’s just say you are in the area when you lose a tooth.

Now, the socket will start to dry out once the bleeding has stopped and essentially, you have around an hour before it becomes impossible to pop the tooth back in the mouth, preferably by a dentist or doctor. During this time, the socket needs to be kept hydrated, because after an hour, the cells in the gum will die and then reject any chance of the tooth being put back in.

Then of course, there is the tooth itself. If you have managed to find it, you must at all costs avoid touching the roots and ensure that it is clean of dirt by rinsing in water or milk and then put it back into the socket ASAP. This will allow the cells to regroup in the socket and then regenerate around the tooth.

This is of course is possible if you are at home, but if you are in a street, you should place the tooth under your tongue amongst natural saliva and then get to the dentists or to the hospital.

Losing a tooth is not always a problem, as long as you know what you are doing.

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