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Dec 9th, 2010 Lost teeth effectively replaced with dental bridges from West London dentist Get in touch

There are a number of good reasons to get your lost teeth replaced. If you lost a tooth or teeth because of an accident or as a result of tooth decay, you should contact your West London dentist immediately to see what your options are. Having a full set of teeth allows to eat and drink properly and means that remaining teeth don’t begin to shift into any gaps you have because of missing teeth.

Dental bridges are one option to replace lost teeth and come in three main varieties. Fixed or traditional bridge work involves having a pontic or false tooth anchored to two crowns on either side of it. This is a very stable method particularly suited when just one tooth has been lost and the rest of the mouth is in good health generally. If you have lost a tooth at the front of the mouth, Maryland- or resin-bonded bridges might be used because they conceal the resin and preserve a natural looking mouth. Cantilever bridges are utilised when patients’ front teeth are especially weak and a false teeth can only be fused on one side rather than two.

The process of dental bridges might involve your dentist removing a little of surrounding teeth to make sure that there is enough room. Temporary bridges are worn while your pontic is contstructed from mould of your mouth. Once they are ready your dentist will attach them and check that your bite is not affected by the bridge.

Get more information from your West London dentist about dental bridges and how they can be used to effectively replace lost teeth and provide lasting solutions.

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