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Jul 20th, 2012 Love Martial Arts or Boxing? London W1 Dentist says to Wear a Mouth Guard to Keep all Your Teeth. Get in touch

Mouth guards are an essential piece of kit for any sports man or woman, especially if you are playing full contact sports. It only takes a single miss placed kick to lose a tooth. If you lose a tooth of course not all is lost there are ways to try and save it, or there are very good replacements if need be. But it is simpler to avoid losing a tooth in the first place by buying yourself a mouth guard.

At any good sports store you will be able to find a cheap mouth guard. These basic ones are loosely fitted. Each set will have its own instructions but the basic process will involve dunking the mouth guard in very hot water before putting the mouth guard into position and biting down hard for as long as possible. In the hot water the guard will have soften enough to be moulded roughly to the shape of your teeth. These guards will provide good protection for you during contact sports through cushioning and spreading any impacts that may land on the teeth.

If you are a serious sports person it is best to visit your London W1 dentist and ask them to fit you for a custom produced mouth guard that will offer maximum protection and comfort. The cost of these custom mouth guards is considerably more, but as with most things, you get what you pay for. A custom shape will securely wrap around your teeth and give a much higher level of protection.


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