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Feb 13th, 2013 Loving Those Dentures In The City Of London Get in touch

Replacing a tooth that has been lost has become a very important aspect of dentistry in the city of London. When you lose a tooth, in the aftermath, your teeth that remain and your gums go through a recovery period, however, both are very vulnerable to further problems cropping up. Your remaining teeth can possibly shift their position toward the gap and your gums may be open to infection. In the case of total tooth loss, it is your occlusion (your bite) that is at danger and needs to be protected. In partial and total tooth loss, your face is also in danger of sagging, bringing on premature ageing. Dentures can be a very viable option to all forms of tooth loss and if anything, they are going through a bit of a renaissance thanks to they way they are being made these days. They are made from softer materials and this helps to bond them better to the inside of your mouth. A lot of work has also gone into making them look more natural once they are in the mouth. Cements have also improved over the years and help keep the dentures in the mouth better, as have the use of dental implants. Dentures are a perfect alternative to tooth loss and can help to retain the way you smile and project yourself, so you should do your research with your dentist and find out about the great options that you have.

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