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May 9th, 2009 Lumineers Give You a Dazzling Smile in West London Get in touch

Every West London dentist agrees that a radiant smile can change a person’s appearance and can brighten the day of the individual who is the recipient of that beautiful smile. And you can have that dazzling and captivating smile with Lumineers.
Lumineers are ultra-thin veneers that can help change your smile into one that is captivating. This type of veneer has several advantages:
• It closes gaps between teeth
• It covers teeth discoloration
• Repairs fractured or chipped teeth
• Improves the appearance of crooked teeth by making them straighter
The versatility of Lumineers over standard porcelain veneers is well-known among West London dentists. Some of the differences between Lumineers and standard porcelain veneers include:
• Lumineers are made with specially patented cerinate porcelain. This cerinate porcelain is known for its durability. However, it is thinner compared with veneers that are fabricated in laboratories. The thickness of Lumineers is compared to contact lenses.
• Minimal tooth preparation is needed when placing Lumineers because of their ultra-thinness.
• When placing Lumineers over existing bridge work and crown, only a small portion of your natural tooth will be removed through grinding or shaving. Because of this, the procedure involving Lumineers are reversible since the natural structure of your tooth is left intact.
The procedure of placing Lumineers usually takes only two visits to your dentist. The first visit usually involves molding of your teeth and the choosing of the right shade for you. Fitting and checking if the shade is right for you will be done during your second visit to your dentist.
So if you want to dazzle everyone with your perfect, makeover teeth, you can never go wrong with Lumineers.

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