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May 8th, 2015 Luscious Lumineers for a Lovely Smile Get in touch

4683491_blogIf a lovely smile is top of your summer wish-list, why not plump for luscious Lumineers? These beautiful ceramic veneers are designed to create perfect smiles and fill you with confidence.

What are Lumineers and how are they different to other veneers?

Lumineers are ultra-thin and delicate veneers made from patented pressed ceramics. They are made by Cerinate and they offer substance and style. Lumineers are incredibly thin, but they are also very strong and last for many years. They create a natural look and they boast an iridescent finish to ensure your smile sparkles.

Lumineers differ from other veneers because they are made from patented Cerinate ceramic material rather than porcelain. They are also thinner than most other types of veneer and they are up to twice as strong.

What does Lumineers treatment involve?

Lumineers treatment usually involves two sessions. During the first session, impressions of the teeth are created and these are sent to the Cerinate laboratories in the USA. The veneers are custom-designed and once they have been returned we can schedule an appointment to fit them. Usually, with veneers, it is necessary to prepare the teeth to make room for them. However, as Lumineers are very thin, minimal preparation is required. When we have your veneers, we can fit them and you can start enjoying your amazing new smile. We will place them on your teeth and then check that you are happy before securing them using dental adhesive.

If you like the sound of Lumineers, call now and book a consultation to see if they could be a good choice for you.

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