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Aug 15th, 2012 Luscious Lumineers in London W1 Get in touch

If you suffer from any problems what-so-ever with your teeth that impede the way you project yourself and smile, you could be in need of a bit of a makeover and if you are living in London W1, you should pop down to your dentist and enquire about Lumineers. They are a wonderful wafer thin covering for your teeth that will cover up anything that you may consider to be holding you back, from receding gums and gaps to cracks and discolouration- or they are great if you just want to give your smile that extra ‘wow’ on an extra special occasion. Lumineers are one of those wonderful results of the throw away generation that will be an immediate fix to your needs. By their nature, they are not designed to go the distance with you, but they will make damn sure you will look pretty along the way. Once you have decided to go for them it will normally take a couple of weeks to get measured up and fitted, however, this could be done in an hour with CAD/CAM technology. Either way, once the Lumineer is in the hands of your dentist, your teeth need only a clean and then they are cemented onto the surface and the transformation will be complete. If at any time you are done with them, they can be taken off and your teeth restored back to normal.



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