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Nov 13th, 2013 Magical Invisalign charms the City of London Get in touch

2977218_blogAny orthodontic treatment can be a real bad time in your life, on all fronts; psychologically, it can be a tough time as you may well have to endure ‘ribbing’ from your peers, but also in the case of fixed braces, it can also be extremely hard to maintain a high level of oral hygiene throughout the treatment. However, there is one form of orthodontic procedure that simply scoffs at all of these problems- Invisalign. This programme involves you being measured up for a number of aligners that are swapped over once the teeth are starting to move into position. The thing about these little devices is that they can be popped in and out at your leisure, so long as you wear them at least 22 hours in the day, which means your teeth are easy to clean. But the piece le resistance about these wonderful aligners is that they are engineered from a completely transparent form of plastic, which basically equates to the fact that they are almost totally invisible once they are in place. Okay, this isn’t the cheapest option on the market in the city of London right now, but it is one of the best and it also works fast as well- three times faster than conventional braces.


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