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Dec 5th, 2011 Making a Pact with the Dentist in West London Get in touch

Let’s face it, if most people were honest, the last person that would be on your Christmas card list in west London would be your dentist. In fact for some of us they would be top of the hit-list! These strange phobias that arise about dentists are grounded in pathetic folk-lore from what has been handed down through generations. But, things evolve and so has dentistry; so have dentists too- this new breed have encompassed modern technology and new ways of thinking. For a start, you can talk to them about treatments that are on offer because they have changed immensely over the past 30 years: dentistry has evolved with technology and has now dismissed the old myths of how our teeth were once treated. Lasers and computers have made it easier and less painful for even the most technical procedures these days. With that, beautifully, has rather freed up your dentist to not only to do the simple stuff and the complex stuff that’s required, but on a personal level, freed up more time to spend with you and share time talking about any problems you may have on a daily basis, from basic oral hygiene to the anything that may be on your mind. Dentists will also keep your mouth ticking over throughout your life and protect your health and protect you from evils that will occasionally crop up in your mouth. Don’t see them as an enemy but as someone you should put on your wish list!

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