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Jan 5th, 2010 Making bad breath a thing of the past by a London W1 dentist Get in touch

Bad breath is caused by many factors; it is known medically as Halitosis and in its worst form is nasty, but avoidable. All dentists have a hygiene nurse on hand and getting advice is easy, quick and extremely necessary in people with certain medical conditions. Liver disease, Diabetes and Gastric problems can add to the cause of bad breath, as well as a lax regime in oral care. Often a new diet, cutting out alcohol, and taking the correct medication can take care of the other medical problems and bad breath, but most people with bad breath also need the assistance of a dental hygienist. Bacteria is a necessary part of our diet, it breaks down our food into fat and sugar for our bodies to be able to feed the organs, blood and muscles. This bacteria is also harmful to us, when it has done its job it then evolves into a new entity. This evolutionary bacteria produces acid in our mouths that attack the protective layers of enamel on our teeth, if left unchecked it will eventually turn hard and become tartar, which is harder to remove with conventional methods such as mouthwash, flossing and brushing. Tartar needs to be removed by a method called scaling, this is a procedure done at the dentist usually every 6 months. A dentist in London W1 advises that a regime of easy oral care will go some way to preventing tartar build up, and bad breath. Best of all is the news that our teeth will need less work on them in later years, and gum disease will find it almost impossible to breed in the mouth. We often hear the expression “Rocket Science it ain`t”, well guess what? It `ain`t rocket science` to follow a simple regime and ensure good oral hygiene.

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