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Jan 10th, 2012 Making your Kid Smile in the City of London Get in touch


Once you have decided to set sail on that beautiful adventure of starting a family in the city of London, you had better get yourself ready to nurse your child through their oral future. Teeth are a tricky sea to sail, especially in children as they demand constant vigilance in order to keep the mouth healthy. Teething is going to be the first hurdle you have to face as a parent and you have to ensure that you do all you can to keep your child free from tooth decay and infection. By having a close liaison with a paediatrician during this time will help you to make the correct decisions. Once this is over, the next hurdle is when your child shows their secondary teeth- again, a tricky time, but by this point, you will have found a dentist who again, can help you out and get you through it. The final hurdle after that is that there is a strong chance your child may have to get some tooth alignment and have to wear a brace. This is also a traumatic time and you may find yourself giving your sibling more moral and emotional support during this time along with practical support. You get this right however and you will be giving your kid the best possible break in life and keep them smiling for life.

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