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Oct 4th, 2010 Many different specialist dental careers look after your teeth at London W1 dentist Get in touch

There are many different types of dentist that specialise in different parts of the teeth and oral cavity, each with a speciality designed to give you the best treatment possible. The most obvious of the type of dentist and the one that most people will have the most dealing with is the standard practice dentist. Although they may well specialise in other areas, general practice of doing check ups and carrying out routine dental procedures is their main role. These dentists are the front line of dentistry, seeing thousands of patients each year and examining their teeth and gums for the first signs of any dental problems. If they should happen to spot a dental problem that they are unable to deal with in the surgery they will recommend you to a specialist who will be able to give you more specialised treatment.

Orthodontics is one such specialised area of dentistry. They deal specifically with the alignment of the teeth and the occlusion or bite. If there is a problem with either of these it may be causing the patient a great deal of discomfort and the teeth will need to be realigned. This is usually achieved by using dental braces or retainers.

Other specialist types of dentists are paediatric dentists who specialise in children’s dentistry and have special training in this area. Endodontics is dentistry concerned with dental infections and root canal procedures. Again these dentists will have carried out specialist training at dental school to provide them with the necessary skills to offer patients the very best treatment.

As well as these types of dentistry available at London W1 dentists there are also dental careers available in dental hygiene and dental technicians. These are also very skilled jobs and assist dentists with their task of looking after their patients teeth as best they can.

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