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Nov 7th, 2014 Matters of the Mouth: How to Protect Your Teeth Get in touch

3268322_blogWhen it comes to matters of the mouth, there are some very simple ways of protecting your teeth and gums from harm. Here are some top tips for keeping gum disease and decay at bay:

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is your best weapon against decay and gum disease, and simply spending 5 minutes cleaning your teeth and gums every day will make the world of difference. We recommend brushing for 2 minutes in the morning and evening using fluoride toothpaste. We also recommend daily flossing and inter-dental brushing. These methods target the cracks between the teeth, which are prone to bacteria build-up. Good oral hygiene helps to prevent the formation of plaque, a substance made up of food debris, saliva and bacteria. It is the most common risk factor for gum disease and decay.

Dental checks

Regular dental checks enable us to identify problems at an early stage and treat them before they become more advanced. We recommend 6 monthly check-ups for children and adults. Check-ups are nothing to be worried about or scared of as they only last a few minutes and they are not painful at all.

We also recommend regular sessions with our dental hygienist.


Your diet has a rally important influence on your overall and oral health. There are certain foods and drinks (such as dairy products, water, fruit and vegetables) that offer an array of benefits for your oral health. There are also many that can be harmful. Foods to avoid on a regular basis include sweets, chocolate, starchy foods, cakes, biscuits, fruit juice (shop-bought bottles often contain a lot of sugar and are highly acidic) and wine. If you are planning a sweet treat, try to ensure that you indulge at mealtimes only. When you eat, your enamel softens, so eating between meals means that the enamel is constantly vulnerable.

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