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Oct 21st, 2009 Metal free braces with Invisalign Teen form City of London dentist Get in touch

For teenagers who need braces and aren’t thrilled by the prospect of wearing an unseemly and uncomfortable metal brace for the best part of two years, the newest Invisalign product Invisalign Teen might just bring the smile back to their face. Just like the clinically proven Invisalign adult range, the Teen range is a series of clear plastic retainers, each worn for a two or three-week period that gradually straightens teeth.

Invisalign Teen is specifically designed to help teenagers maintain their self-esteem and self-confidence during their emotionally turbulent developing years. After all, no one wants to stand out from the crowd as a teenager. Invisalign Teen is also able to fit around the lifestyle of a teenager, unlike a conventional metal brace that may cause them to make certain sacrifices.

Invisalign Teen has been designed in conjunction with orthodontists who understand both the teenagers’ orthodontic and general social situation. Combining all the straightening power of the adult Invisalign range the Teen also has Blue Dot Wear Indicators that fade when it is time to change the retainer. They are also made with eruption tabs to accommodate the growth of molars and other common clinical needs during this time.

Invisalign braces are made using the very latest in 3D imaging and digital x-ray technology. Dentists can now create complete three-dimensional images of teeth on the computer without the need for uncomfortable dental moulds. The one millimetre thick clear retainers are manufactured with aid of computer technology and are incredibly accurate. They need to be worn between 20 and 22 hours a day and should only be removed when eating, playing sports, brushing teeth or on social occasions. Each aligner will need to be changed roughly every two weeks, but this depends on the patient.

Invisalign treatments enable teens to maintain their lifestyle and social activities without any loss of confidence. The stigma of traditional braces does not apply to Invisalign Teen as they are barely noticeable unless up very close to the patient’s teeth. Because Invisalign retainers are easy to remove, there is no loss of dental hygiene that can happen with difficult-to-clean metal braces. Broken retainers are also far more easily replaced than broken metal brackets and teens can even be given spares. Costs for Invisalign braces vary but are generally not much more than for traditional metal braces. If your teenager may require orthodontic teeth straightening ask a City of London dentist about Invisalign Teen.

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