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Jan 25th, 2011 Mini implants are available from a city of London dentist Get in touch

A mini implant is a miniature titanium implant that is used to replace the root of your tooth in addition with an o-ring that is incorporated into the base. These implants in the teeth make the false tooth more stable and keep it from falling out. The implant itself allows for the better chewing of troublesome foods such as steaks and other hard chewy foods. The most effective use of mini implants is giving a lower denture for the patient. The implants are surgically implanted in a simple painless operation that requires only local anaesthetic. The implants are merely the size of toothpicks but make for a very strong base, then the denture or veneer is applied and slotted onto the mini implant giving the patient their tooth or teeth and chewing ability back. The procedure is very minimal and typically there is very little discomfort with the implants. The mini implant like other dental implants is as I mentioned previously made from titanium alloy, which is used for its extreme durability and strength, it also it grows well to human bone. Discuss the possibility of mini implants with city of London dental professional and improve your teeth.

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