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Jul 23rd, 2013 Mini-Implants: Working For You In London Get in touch

iStock_000001998629XSmallWhen tooth loss strikes at you in London, it isn’t going to be the best period of your life, but you would be wise to strike back just as fast and find an answer to your problem. You can go for full dentures, partial dentures or a dental bridge: all of these are fabulous and work well, but their effectiveness has been greatly improved since the mini-implant burst onto the scene. This treatment involves placing a small titanium spike into the jaw bone which will act as an anchor to support anything that is placed on it. It is a very quick procedure and you can have half a dozen or so put in, in around a couple of hours. These tiny little implants have become very popular with people who wear dentures, especially for those who wear full dentures: five or six mini implants can lock the denture securely into place, ensuring that there is no chance of the fitting falling out. A single implant also plays the same role in securing dental bridges and lengthens the shelf life of the fitting; and it can be further used to house small incisor-sized single crowns where a single tooth has gone missing.

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