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Jul 19th, 2012 Minimise the Hassle, Mini Implants from City of London Dentist Might Help You Get in touch

Although dental implants are extraordinarily good for at anchoring multiple false teeth, they can at times be overkill. If you have a single tooth that is missing and a bridge is not possible or desirable for any reason, a regular sized implant can be unnecessary. Instead a mini version has been created. These fulfil the same role as regular dental implants but on a smaller scale. Mini implants are unable to support multiple teeth but are able to fit into small gaps in your teeth.

Talking through the two different size options with your dentist will help you understand the specific instances when each should be used. Mini implants, as with regular ones, are made of titanium. They have a very small diameter of between 1.8mm and 2.9mm. Because of the considerably smaller size the procedure is not as invasive as normal implants and can generally be done under local anaesthetic.

Due to the severity of having dental implants installed the healing time can be considerable. During that time it is important to keep the new implant extremely clean and avoid smoking or any other activity that could potentially increase the chances of infection. Mini implants are considerably less trouble to have positioned. Although you still have to beware of infection, as with any dental procedure, there is far less risk involved with mini implants.

There are of course some benefits to traditional dental implants. Mainly this is the additional strength and support they can provide with their size. Your City of London dentist will be able to guide you through the process of choosing and point out which system would be most beneficial for your needs.

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