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Nov 19th, 2009 Minimise the impact of braces with Invisalign Teen from central London dentist Get in touch

Just like the clinically proven Invisalign adult range, the Invisalign Teen retainer system offers straighter teeth with a much higher degree of discretion than conventional metal braces. Invisalign is a system of one millimetre thick plastic retainers worn for small periods to make small adjustments and replaced on average twenty times throughout the treatment.

Nobody really wants to wear a brace but everybody accepts it as a necessary sacrifice to have straight teeth. For years, the only real option for orthodontic teeth straightening was the wire and bracket ‘train track’ braces. These were uncomfortable and very unattractive. Because most orthodontic treatments are most successful in the developing teenage years it was at this age that most braces were fitted. This could often have very negative emotional effects on brace wearers and could lead to a loss of confidence and even bullying in extreme cases.

The Invisalign Teen brace system is specially designed to help teenagers maintain their self-confidence and self-esteem right the way through treatment. Unlike other braces and especially fixed-metal braces, the Invisalign Teen system is designed to fit around the lifestyle of a teenager. It has been created and manufactured in tandem with orthodontists who understand both the teenagers’ social and orthodontic needs. The Teen system has all the straightening power of the adult range with a few added extras. The revolutionary Blue Dot Wear Indicators fade when it is time to change the retainer. The braces are also made with eruption tabs to accommodate for the growth of molars during treatment.

Invisalign braces are manufactured using the latest in 3D imaging and digital x-rays to provide a high level of accuracy. The retainers need to be worn for about 20 to 22 hours a day but can be removed for meal times, brushing teeth and important occasions. They can also be removed when playing sport to accommodate a mouth guard.

Invisalign teen allows the teenager to maintain their lifestyle and make as few sacrifices as possible to have straight teeth. The retainers aim to make the straightening process as straightforward and pleasant as possible. By minimising the impact on the lives of the young patients, Invisalign Teen is becoming a popular choice for teenagers who want straighter teeth. Costs for Invisalign treatments vary but are rarely more expensive than any other orthodontic treatments. Ask a Central London dentist about the benefits of the Invisalign Teen treatment.

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