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May 31st, 2012 Minimising Oral Cancer in London W1 Get in touch

We would all like to get through life unscathed, but unfortunately, the good life can be sourly destroyed if you are diagnosed with a condition like oral cancer- your world could literally cave in. The reasons behind the disease are not set in stone, mainly conjecture to a degree, but if you live in a hurly-burly place like London W1, there is a chance that some of the elements that come with the city could be a contributory factor. For a start, it is fast paced- work hard, play hard and the dangling of so many vices can be pretty hard to ignore- smoking, drinking and easy fast food will catch up with you at some point. The city also has a vast amount of pollution to deal with because of the amount of traffic and then for the icing, city life can come with a lot of stress. Such things are considered to be factors in the disease. But if you have felt things going wrong in your mouth and then diagnosed with a problem, you can take heart from the fact that many people recover from the problems if diagnosed early and of course, once you come out the other side of the treatment, your life will never be quite the same again. There are many support groups in place to get you through this and you also have your family. But, this could make you a stronger person and take you in a direction that makes you a better person than before.

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