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Sep 13th, 2009 Missed appointments due to credit crunch could be costly according to London W1 dentist Get in touch

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, or perhaps down a well, it’s unlikely that it will have escaped your attention that we are in the midst of an economic crisis, or as it is more familiarly known, the credit crunch. A recession is never an easy time for anybody. Financial concerns suddenly come top of everybody’s worry list. As we struggle to earn more and spend less it is inevitable that some things must be sacrificed in order to ride out the economic storm. For many it is the expense of a regular dentist appointment that suddenly falls off the bottom of the priority list. On the face of it this might be understandable but in the long term this might be a very bad financial decision.

Regular dental check ups may seem like a luxury during times of hardship, especially if you usually have healthy teeth. But once you start to let your dental hygiene slip it could end up costing a fortune. Dental check-ups are crucial for helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and just one missed appointment could give these two nasty conditions the time they need to bed in. Once tooth decay or gum disease has taken hold it will require several visits to the dentist, probably costly ones too, to sort it out.

Saving money for one or two dental check ups could end up costing you hundreds or even thousand sin the future. Not to mention the pain and suffering associated with dental disease. Toothache doesn’t have a bad reputation for nothing remember.

It is particularly important not to skimp on children’s check-ups. Children’s teeth can change very quickly, and while it may be costly to take several children to the dentist, just think about what three or four sets of fillings or dental bridges might cost in a years time.

With dental care, prevention is the enemy of disease. Dental problems can usually always be treated but a small investment of time and money to start with could reap huge dividends in the future. It is an investment you might not be able to afford to miss. A dentist in London W1 will be able to give you a thorough check-up to make sure you won’t be lose money because of your teeth.

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