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Aug 27th, 2019 Missing Teeth Replaced with Dentures in Central London Get in touch

Missing teeth and loose dentures cause all sorts of problems. Adults who suffer with either of these often find themselves avoiding certain social situations because they’re too embarassed to be seen eating or smiling around others.

Then there’s the vital supportr our natural teeth provide to facial muscles. this disappears when teeth do, causing sagging cheeks and a gaunt appearance that adds years.

When failing or missing teeth start to impact on quality of life, replacement dentures are a tried and tested method of restoring lost confidence and function.

Dentures look just like real teeth, and there are many types available ranging from a full arch used when all teeth are missing, to partial dentures for several missing teeth. Partial denturesd use exisiting healthy teeth as support for fixing, whereas full dentures are usually fixed in place with a plate that conforms to the shape of the mouth and secured using dental glue.

Dentures must be taken care of just like real teeth. They should be removed, brushed and soaked overnight when sleeping. This allows the gums to rest and keeps dentures clean.

It is crucial for denture wearers to visit the dentist regularly to make sure dentures and underlying support tissues stay in good shape. Dentists can also re-fit dentures that becoming loose from gum shrinkage , as these can quickly begin to cause gum irritation and problems with speech and eating.

If taken care properly in this way, dentures can last years. Most dentist recommend replacements around every five years or so.

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