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May 20th, 2016 Missing Tooth? We Can Help You Bridge the Gap! Get in touch

2823674_blogYou know that old expression ‘bridging the gap’? Well that is quite literally what a dental bridge does (except it also has a replacement tooth attached to it). Bridges are essentially false teeth anchored to surrounding teeth, covering a gap just like a walkway bridge crosses two separate plots of land.

Why would I need a bridge?

To put it bluntly: if you lose a tooth, replacing a missing tooth is nigh on essential to help maintain the structure of your face and the proper alignment of your teeth. A lost tooth will also have a drastic impact on your speech and chewing. Missing teeth are also known to knock an individual’s confidence as they are often considered aesthetically undesirable. A dental bridge is but one of the ways a tooth can be replaced.

All bridges lead to recovery

There are different types of bridges, and this is where the literal ‘bridge’ comparison can fall a little short: fixed bridges, the most common type, can be used in most scenarios and require three joined together crowns to be attached to neighbouring teeth or implants, much like a bridge. The Cantilever bridge, however, is only anchored on one side. For a fixed bridge, the surrounding teeth need to be trimmed in order to accommodate the crowns. By only being attached on one side, Cantilever bridges lessen the impact the bridge will have on your natural tooth structure. As only one side is attached, however, the Cantilever bridge is limited to areas of the mouth that are under little stress when chewing. Maryland bridges impact a patient’s adjacent teeth the least as they are simply attached to the surrounding teeth by metal wire. Unfortunately, as natural teeth are translucent, the metal wire can make a patient’s surrounding teeth look a little grey.

Are bridges effective?

Well, they won’t slip and will look more natural than dentures. Fitting them typically takes only two trips, so the process is pretty quick, and, provided they are looked after, they tend to last for between ten and fifteen years. Aqua Dental Clinic in the city of London today for more information on dental bridges.

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