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Oct 4th, 2011 Modern Dentistry through CEREC in Central London Get in touch

We’ve all sat down and watched a great futuristic film at home and been amazed at the technology the stars have at their disposal to heal people quickly. Movies eh, if only and why do their teeth look so fantastic as well…it just isn’t fair- but oh my the future is already among us and especially on the subject of teeth, when it comes to dentistry, there is a style of treatment you can get which will get your teeth dancing on the highest of podiums within an hour in central London- CEREC. The problem of most cosmetic treatments such as having a veneer or a crown fitted is that the imprint of your teeth during preparation has to be sent off to the lab so that your new fitting could be made up, and there is no guarantee that when it comes back in the next few week that it will be correct and fit perfectly- CEREC does away with all that old nonsense. Go in to any dentist in central London that offers this and you’ll have a quick digital image of your teeth taken that is then fed straight into a milling machine that will knock-out your fitting whilst the dentist prepares your teeth and if it doesn’t fit exactly it can be remedied instantly and if you consider yourself important- and we all should really- and need to keep up your style everyday, well you’ll be in and out before you know it with wonderful new looking teeth.

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