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Jun 16th, 2010 Nervous patients overcome fear at Central London dentists Get in touch

One of the most common problems dentists experience every day is nervous patients in their chair. This can be a problem because anxious patients are not easy to perform complex and often very intricate procedures upon. After all, when you are operating with potentially dangerous tools, the last thing you need is a patient moving around and making sudden jolts. However, most dentists do understand that visiting the dentist is a very difficult experience for some people.

This is why modern dentist training involves a lot of work on how to relax patients and empathise with how they might be feeling. Whereas in the past, dentists were perhaps more concerned with the treatment than with the patients themselves, an attitude shift has seen a move towards a more caring and understanding approach that treats the patient not just the dental concern.

In a recent study, 9 out of 10 Brits admitted to having some kind of fear of the dentist. In most cases this is simply a mild anxiety that is easily overcome but some patients suffer from a much more severe phobia. This can be helped often by just talking to a dentist before your appointment to gain a better understanding of what is likely to happen during treatment. Other methods of relaxing patients include using breathing techniques and aromatherapy before treatment in an effort to calm the patient down. This has proved to be very successful at Central London dentists and has allowed countless patients to receive the necessary dental treatment they required.

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