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Nov 18th, 2009 Nervous patients relaxed by City of London dentist Get in touch

Fear of the dentist is one of the most common fears we have. In the UK a recent study found that over 90 per cent of people admitted to having a fear of the dentist. For most people this fear is easily controllable and they are able to weigh up the need for dental treatment against their fears. For other the fear is more severe and can range form anxiety to a full-blown phobia. This can be very upsetting and the cause of many emotional problems, not to mental dental ones.

Nervous patients are a big problem in the field of dentistry. It can be a very distressing experience for some patients to be in the dentist’s chair and no matter how experienced, this can affect the ability of the dentist to do their job. It is very important that the patient is calm before they begin their appointment.

This can be achieved in a number of ways. Very often just talking to a dentist can help to allay any fears. Dentists are trained to help calm nervous or anxious patients and can run through exactly what is likely to happen during the check up. This is often enough to remove the fear of the unexpected procedures or lack of control that is so fundamental to many patient’s anxieties.

Other techniques to help patient’s stay calm include self-hypnosis and aromatherapy. Self-hypnosis is a series of simple breathing exercises aimed at regulating the heart rate and inducing a mild trance-like state. This can help patients to make it through appointments in a relaxed fashion. Other recent studies have shown that lavender oil before an appointment can help to calm nerves.

Whatever the nature of your anxiety, it is always very important to receive the dental treatment you require to keep your teeth healthy. City of London dentists are trained to help nervous patients so make an appointment to see how they could help you stay calm and in control.

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