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Jul 19th, 2013 Never Fear, The Inman Is Here In London W1 Get in touch

4976621_blogGetting your teeth straightened is traumatic enough, but it is the time it takes for braces and aligners to work that generally put people off getting their teeth done in London W1, especially in later life. However if your front upper teeth are sticking out but yet, you too feel this way, you may well change your mind when you hear about the Inman Aligner. When you go for this, the device will be made exactly to the measurements of your mouth: it’s a plate to which is attached a bar and a wire; both connected together through two springs to the rear of the plate. The wire goes around the front of the teeth to the springs and the bar sits up against the inside of your teeth- and again, being connected to the springs. Such is the design of this aligner that when it is fitted into the mouth, the spring and bar work against each other, so they rock the teeth loose; now they can be pulled back a lot easier and very quickly….you ready….in around 6 weeks! Throughout this whirlwind period, you can whip it out whenever you need to and after it’s all over, you’ll need a retainer to wear- at your leisure, and only, for a while, in order to keep the teeth in place.

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