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Jul 12th, 2012 New Digital X-rays Offer Fast Results from Your London Dentist Get in touch

Xrays are an incredibly useful tool for dentists. They allow them to see completely around and inside your teeth and jaw, this allows them to discover problems that are completely invisible to the naked eye. But there have always been issues with traditional xray machines. New digital xrays at your London dentist are able to avoid many of these pitfalls.

Although in small doses the radiation used in traditional xrays didn’t cause most people any damage, there is always a risk that overexposure can cause problems, especially in pregnant women and the elderly. The dentists themselves also had to be very cautious because they could be exposed multiple times a day if they did not take preventative measures. Old xrays also were celluloid based and required a special development process that could rarely be done in-house at a dentist office. Instead the xrays would need to be sent off and could take several weeks to be returned, all the while a patient may be in pain and danger. There is also the issue that xrays could generally only offer basic 2D images of the bone areas.

Digital xrays are addressing all of these issues and bring new unthought of benefits to the table. Digital xrays use much lower level of radiation in the creation of the images, significantly reducing any risk from the use of the machine. Digital xrays are also designed to be attached directly to a computer. In a manner of seconds your dentist will be able to inspect and show you a digital xray image of your teeth. No more waiting, so your dentist will be able to get on with treating. Finally digital xray images can be developed into 3D models on the computer, allowing your dentist to get a full 360 degree view of your teeth.

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