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Mar 17th, 2010 New technology at City of London dentist opens doors for many new dental treatments Get in touch

The array of dental procedures available at City of London dentists has been growing almost exponentially over the last decade as new technology opens up the possibility of dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. New technology and new equipment means that even many standard procedures can now be carried out quicker and safer, and most importantly, less painfully.

Standard dental treatment for gum disease and dental decay is still top of the agenda for most dentists but improvements in treatment have made even this easier for patients. The old-style silver amalgam fillings have been replaced by the safer, tooth coloured dental bonding fillings, which work just as well but do not ruin the appearance of teeth. Other classic dental restorations such as crowns and veneers have been revolutionised by new technology such as digital x-rays and computer-aided manufacture. The rise of chair-side restoration means that crowns and veneers can now be designed, manufactured and fitted in a single appointment, an incredible leap forward and an idea of the potential future of dentistry.

Dental lasers have also been introduced over the last few years replacing many surgical implements such as the dreaded scalpel. Lasers can be used to sculpt gum tissue, harden bonding and even in the cavity filling and root canal treatments to replace the dentist drill. The many advantages of lasers include the sterilisation effect of heat which reduces the chances of infection and speeds recovery.

All of this new technology and much more is being used to improve dental treatment to make treatment better for the patients. If you have not visited a dentist for some time it is a good idea to make an appointment to see what new possibilities there are to improve the appearance and condition of your teeth.

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