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Nov 8th, 2009 New teeth in an hour with cosmetic bonding from London W1 dentist Get in touch

Cosmetic bonding is one of the simplest and most affordable of the cosmetic dentistry procedures. It can transform the appearance of a patient’s teeth in just one session with little or no associated risk or discomfort. The procedure involves the skilful mixing of resin to closely match the colour of the existing teeth and sculpting in into the desired shape before setting it hard with the intense heat of a dental laser.

Bonding has a wide variety of uses in dentistry and is commonly used to fill dental cavities and to replace old silver amalgam fillings. It can also be used to repair broken, chipped or cracked teeth and to mask the effects of worn or discoloured teeth. Although, it can become weak in large quantities so it is not used to fill large cavities. In these cases the dentists will fill the cavity with specially prepared porcelain implants, which can be held in by cosmetic bonding for extra security.

Unless the procedure is dealing with an exposed cavity most cosmetic bonding treatments will be completely pain-free. Before it is applied, the surface enamel of the teeth is etched to give extra grip. The bonding will then be spread in several thin layers, each time being set firm with the laser. When the bonding application is finished it is polished and buffed to resemble smooth enamel.

Cosmetic bonding is offered by all cosmetic dentists who are skilled in its application, although some dentists may be more adept at cosmetic bonding than others. Some dentists receive further training in the uses of bonding because of its importance as a dental tool. Consult a London W1 dentist to see if your teeth could benefit from cosmetic bonding.

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