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Dec 23rd, 2011 New Teeth in West London Get in touch

It can be a frightening concept the thought of losing your teeth in west London; not only is it stressful, but it can, for some, symbolize not only the end of an era of freedom in the mouth, but also the idea that you are getting older. Yet if you take a detailed look at what is around on the market right now, you will find yourself quite amazed at just how softly natural all types of dentures have become. Starting with partial dentures, these have become common place these days, as dentists prefer to save at least some of the teeth wherever they can as opposed to pulling the lot in bygone years at the first sign of gum or periodontal disease as partial dentures can lock onto remaining teeth and hold the new teeth into place. Full dentures have also changed greatly- for starters they are made from more user-friendly materials that stick to the mouth more strongly and don’t have the ability to pop out at embarrassing times. But there is also a turbo charged option of enhancing the way you wear your dentures and enable you the freedom of doing everything normally- the mini-implant. Five or six of these located in your mouth and then clicked onto your dentures, coupled with a Fixodent, and you can bite the side out of a brick wall without them popping out. Feeling better now about the loss of your teeth? You should be!

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