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Jul 5th, 2010 No more bad breath with simple advice from City of London dentist Get in touch

Bad breath is a problem that can affect all of us at some time but for some people it is more of a problem than for others. If you suffer from bad breath on a regular basis it can lead you to try all sorts of remedies and potions in an effort to beat it but the real answer could be a lot more simple.

Studies have shown that using oral hygiene products like mouthwash and breath spray is not only ineffective against bad breath but in some cases can even make the problem worse. The very best that these products can offer is to mask the smell of bad breath from anything between ten minutes and two hours but they do not attack the cause of the problem and it will eventually return.

In some cases, it can disrupt the natural production of saliva, the body’s own defence against bad breath which really can make the problem more severe and unpleasant for you and those around you. The scores of internet sites offering the magic formula to treat bad breath if only you part with your hard-earned cash are also not telling you the whole truth. The reality is that bad breath is most effectively treated by improved oral hygiene.

That’s right. It really is that simple. Bad breath is caused by a build up of plaque and bacteria on and around the teeth. These bacteria decay and release foul smelling odours which become bad breath when we breath out. By improving your brushing and flossing, you will remove more bacteria and hopefully eradicate the problem. Flossing is particularly good for removing the particles of food stuck between the teeth that are often the source of bad breath. Ask your City of London dentist for more information about bad breath and how to beat it.

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