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Jul 10th, 2010 No more decay and disease with check up at West London dentist Get in touch

The health of our teeth as a nation is getting worse. In an age when dental technology has improved so dramatically over the recent decades, there is really no excuse for this other than that we are simply ignoring the health of our teeth. Perhaps this is due to a complacency and reliance on modern dental technology to keep our teeth healthy. It is true that modern dentistry is capable of amazing things and even the most damaged teeth can be repaired but then we must remember that this repair comes not only at great cost but also after a great deal of pain.

The simple fact remains when it comes to our teeth, that we are responsible for looking after them and doing so is relatively easy providing we follow a few simple rules. The twin evils of tooth decay and gum disease can be prevented by maintaining a high standard of brushing and flossing.

This is because effective brushing removes plaque and bacteria, the two main causes of gum disease and tooth decay. By not removing these substances acids are released that attack the surface of the teeth and start to break down the enamel. They also cause irritation to the gum tissue that if not treated will eventually cause an infection that can be very painful and also lead indirectly to heart disease.

The other main way to prevent gum disease and tooth decay is to keep up your regular check up appointments with your West London dentist. They will be able to identify the initial appearance of any dental concern and offer advice and treatment to keep your teeth as healthy as they can be. When it comes to your teeth, prevention really is better than cure.

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