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Feb 25th, 2019 North London Dental Clinic Treats Teeth Grinding Get in touch

Bruxism sounds like one of those medieval conditions which bring the sufferer out in angry boils and welts.

The truth is far more prosaic, not to mention less grizzly.

Bruxism is the name for a condition affecting millions of us. If you’ve ever suffered problems from grinding teeth while either asleep or awake – then congratulations: You’ve suffered from bruxism and lived to tell the tale!

Most people who grind their teeth do so in their sleep and may be unaware of the problem for years until the condition begins to cause problems, which can come in the form of prematurely worn teeth, headaches, tension and a plethora of other symptoms.

The causes of bruxism are myriad, too.

Malpoisitioned or misaligned teeth, as well as jaw discrepancies, are all common causes. Stress is also a major contributing factor.

Teeth grinding can also occur because of faulty dental restorations, partial or missing teeth, and teeth prematurely biting together. If any of these sounds like you, your dentist can check your bite and examine your mouth for premature wear patterns by making a study model to identify problem areas.

A bite equilibration treatment by a dentist or dental laboratory will then provide you with either a customized appliance in soft rubber or hard clear acrylic appliance.

In children, bruxism is often caused by teeth not meeting properly when teeth connect edge-to-edge instead of surface-to-surface as they’re meant to. However, this often improves when adult teeth erupt.

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