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Mar 28th, 2012 Nursing Your Kid’s Teeth in Central London Get in touch

398467_blogChildren cannot look after their own teeth properly, which  means that as a parent it is really down to you to look after their oral health during the first five years.

During this time, they are going to go through a couple of real delicate moments. First, the teeth will break through the gums and for some children this can be very painful. After that a few years later, their secondary teeth will put in an appearance, so you have to be ready to prepare them for the change.

Finding a good dentist and pediatrician in central London should be your priority, so that you can get all of the back-up you require. Hopefully, during this time, they will have started to clean their own teeth and started to look after themselves a little. After this, they will be off to school without you and snacking on all the wonderfully bad things in life, but you can have them fitted with dental sealants in an effort to keep tooth decay at bay.

The next big test of your patience may come if they have to wear braces- again, a delicate time. You can get all the information you need from your dentist, but while you are there, you may like to address the problem of financing your child’s treatments, so again, ask your dentist about payment plans and dental insurance to cover everything you need.

It all sounds hard, but if you have kids, dental care is part of the deal so you should learn as much as you can beforehand.

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