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Apr 18th, 2013 One step, two steps, Clear-step in Central London Get in touch

It is great that the world of orthodontics in central London has finally woken up and addressed the needs of people that need their teeth straightening- all that boring metal-work in the mouth….yuk! The Clear-step programme is just one example of how far orthodontics has come over the past couple of decades. One of the aligners it offers is completely see-through, so once it is fitted, you will never have to worry about what people think, because they won’t even notice it, and you can take it out whenever you need to, which is brilliant for retaining high levels of oral hygiene. Another option is a fixed brace but with an incredible difference, for it is fitted to the inside of the teeth and pulls them back during the treatment, which is the moral of everything that Clear-step does; it works on the theory of ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’. The wearing of braces has always been an issue for anyone, not just in the time it takes to work, but just how ugly they look in the mouth and this is how Clear-step has addressed the problem. It is a fantastic programme that works fast and efficiently anyway, but it is all about the discretion. The people of Britain refrain from showing off or giving away their secrets, so these aligners and braces that Clear-step offers fits in perfectly with the psyche of the nation.


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