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Oct 12th, 2017 One Visit and a Brand New Smile with Same Day Teeth Get in touch

Have you ever dreamt of having a brand new smile? Did you think it would take months or even years to get a flawless set of pearly whites? If you’re missing natural teeth and you’re looking for a swift solution, we may have just the treatment you’ve been searching for. With All-on-4, we can produce an amazing new smile just one day thanks to same day teeth.

What is All-on-4?

All-on-4 is a same-day treatment, which uses a set of four dental implants to anchor entire arches of new teeth. Unlike conventional implant treatment, All-on-4 doesn’t take months. Instead, the implants and the new teeth can be placed on the same day.

All-on-4 uses two implants at the back of the mouth and two implants at the front to secure a full arch of new teeth. The back implants are positioned at a 45-degre angle to increase stability (the front implants are placed at 90 degrees as with traditional implants).

The benefits of same day teeth

Being without natural teeth can affect your confidence and your ability to speak clearly and enjoy a nutritious diet as well as the look of your smile. Same-day teeth enable you to enjoy an incredible transformation overnight. You don’t have to wait to start reaping the benefits of strong, functional, natural looking teeth.

All-on-4 offers a rapid solution for patients with a large number of missing teeth and it also provides relief for those who have experienced issues with dentures, such as ill-fitting dentures and sore spots. With implants, there’s no risk of the teeth slipping and this gives patients peace of mind as well as enhanced tooth function.

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