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Sep 7th, 2012 Optimising your oral hygiene in London’s W1 Get in touch

London’s W1 places a lot of demands on the people that live there, one of which is to look at your best at all times; in the way you dress, the way you brush your hair and the way you exude through your smile- all can mean the difference between success and failure. So in the mix of all this, it’s important to look after your teeth as well and you can by having a decent oral hygiene set-up each day and if you work on it and get it right, it will become automatically second nature to you. It all starts with finding the right brush and toothpaste, but this will change as you get older as your teeth and gums change, so your best bet is to liaise closely with your dentist, as they know your mouth and its problems more intimately than you do, so they are the perfect to ask for advice. Once you have nailed this, then you can get back up by using dental floss and inter-dental brushes to get a thorough clean amongst your teeth and gums. There is also another bolt-on that can help you in your oral crusade: mouthwashes- they are fabulous for rinsing after cleaning or eating and can help to clear away any foodstuffs left in your mouth. If you manage to use your products correctly, you will reduce the chances of suffering from tooth decay or gum disease and if anything does go wrong, you always have your dentists to fall back on.

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