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Dec 22nd, 2011 Opting for a Career in Dentistry in London W1 Get in touch

higher education can be quite expensive these days. But if this is the career you want, you can start at know better place than at your own dentists; sit down with them and wean as much information as you can as to how they went about it. Then, you could try to get in touch with the General Dental Council for which direction to take; you can also get information on line too. Next you have to apply to UCAS who are a governing body for all colleges and universities and from them, they will be able tell you the places throughout the city that run dental courses. Once you have made your choice, you will have to be fairly grounded in chemistry, biology and physics and you will have to undergo a course in these subjects before starting your training for real. Overall, the whole process will take around five years to complete which will involve placements within surgeries to gain practical knowledge. But your learning never ceases in dentistry as new techniques and technology change every year and you will always be learning about everything new, but it truly is a good profession to go into and a very rewarding as you start to branch into different fields.

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