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Nov 8th, 2012 Opting for a Dental Bridge in the City of London Get in touch

For some people, tooth loss, whatever the causes, can be a shock to the system and leave you feeling old and ugly. It also comes with a health warning because it can leave the mouth vulnerable to further infection throughout the teeth and gums, let alone allowing the face to sag around the gap. But never fear- the dental bridge is here- in fact it has been here in the city of London for decades now, and that’s a good sign for it indicates that it is a tried and trusted way of tackling tooth loss: it has also improved with age. What bridge you have depends on where you have lost the tooth: the most common bridge is used to plug a gap between other teeth, as it has these teeth to bond to for support and is strong. Others may be bonded to individual teeth with wire and resin. But since the advancement of dental implants, they can be used in conjunction with bridges to give amazing support to the fitting that you have put in, especially if the bridge has to stretch over a gap of two or more lost teeth. They will be colour coded to match the rest of your mouth and if you look after them and learn to get over the tricky way of cleaning them initially, they should last you at least 15 years.

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