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Jan 28th, 2014 Opting for Dental Veneers in West London to solve the shame Get in touch

4569651_blogIf you are starting to notice your teeth becoming the victim of age and general wear and tear, don’t worry because you can cover up all of your dental woes in west London by having your teeth kitted out with some dental veneers in order to make your smile youthful once more. Composite veneers are generally constructed from some form of porcelain and once your teeth have been prepared, imprints taken and the fittings made, it is just a case of cementing them into position; in general, this can take a couple of weeks to do, unless you go for a CEREC treatment that can be done in around an hour and a half. Resin based veneers are so much easier to do and can be done in an hour; the procedure involves several layers of coloured resin being applied to the front surfaces of your teeth and once each layer has been cured and sealed with a heat source, the teeth can be delicately shaped to fit in with the rest of your teeth before being finished off with a good polish. Both have their advantages, and their disadvantages but the results are always the same- remarkable; they will cover up problems such as cracks and chips, receding gums, discolouration and the loss of length in your teeth due to wear. Both options will help you to smile with confidence again so come on, treat yourself- you’re worth it.

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