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Jul 12th, 2011 Oral cancer diagnosed and treated thanks to vigilance of London W1 dentist Get in touch

Thanks to the expert training which they undergo and the years of experience on the job, dentists are able to spot the signs of many potentially troubling ailments in our mouths, from gum disease to tooth decay. A fairly recent innovation is that dentists are now also able to identify the early signs of oral cancer so that a referral can be made and treatment can begin.

This means that many are avoiding the fatal consequences of the disease. Like many other types of cancer, oral cancer can be treated easily and with high survival rates but only if it is caught early. This is another excellent reason to go and visit your dentist every six months for a check up. Not only this, oral cancer is a good reason to report any problems to your dentist as early as possible.

Although dentists are the real experts when it comes to diagnosing oral cancer, you can look out for the signs at home, perhaps when you are brushing your teeth or flossing. If you suddenly have rusty brown coloured patches spring up in your mouth that are quite hard to the touch then you should make a point of telling your dentist about this. Don’t wait for your next six month check up, make an additional appointment.

Your London W1 dentist can refer you if necessary to an oncologist so that any instance of oral cancer can be dealt with in the appropriate fashion. Cancer can strike anyone but the oral variety is more prevalent in men over forty who smoke and or drink alcohol excessively.

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