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Jun 10th, 2019 Oral hygiene tips from your Hatch End dentist Get in touch

Do you have sensitive teeth? Gums that bleed while you brush? Or are you concerned about your bad breath? If so, read on for Aqua Dental Clinic’s tips for better oral hygiene. These tips are easy to implement and don’t take loads of time or expensive equipment.

Gum bleeding

If you have a problem with bleeding of gums or irritation, you may be over-brushing. Use a gentle up-and-down brushing motion and don’t be tempted to brush too hard as this can damage tooth and gums.

Sensitive teeth

Use a specially designed toothbrush and formulated toothpaste to tackle sensitive teeth. Instead of using cold water to rinse using warm salt water. This can make a huge difference to sensitive teeth.

Bad breath

Bad breath is usually a result of bad oral hygiene. You can use a mouthwash to tackle this problem, along with drinking plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dry mouth. Don’t forget to brush your tongue, which can be the perfect environment for the bacterial culprit of bad breath.

And Don’t Forget

Your best weapon in the oral hygiene war is regular visits to your dentist!

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