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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the abnormal position of the teeth in relation to the jaws and face. To put it simpler, it’s often about achieving straighter smiles or improving bite function through the repositioning of the teeth.

The practice is often thought of as a treatment for young people, with unsightly fixed braces often used as a lazy cypher for troubled teenage years in TV and film.

However, more adults who missed their chance during adolescence are now turning to orthodontic treatments later in life, proving that you’re never too old to learn to smile again!

Adult Orthodontics: Fact & Fiction

The association of orthodontics with younger patients has led to some inaccurate but pervasive misconceptions about the treatment of adults. Chief among these is that gums become harder with age, making it difficult – or impossible – to reposition.

In fact, you’re never too old for orthodontic treatment. Proof of this is in the stats – at least a quarter of all the patients treated at Aqua Dental Clinic in Hatch End are adults, with patients as old as 90 now using braces to preserve youthful looks for longer.

The demographic for orthodontic treatments has been unrecognisably transformed by older patients over the last two decades, as they see the cosmetic and practical day-to-day benefits of straighter teeth.

As well as taking years off the face, orthodontic treatments offer a host of wider boosts for health including an end to indigestion and bloated stomach caused by reduced inability to chew, and halitosis caused by build ups of food and plaque in the gaps between crooked teeth.

Pain Vs Gain

So, we’ve established that orthodontic treatments are healthy. That means they must be painful or unpleasant, right?


The fitting process isn’t painful in the slightest, and most patients report just a slight tenderness of the teeth for just 3-5 days after fitting.

With newer clear braces and discreet aligners, orthodontic treatments no longer look unappealing either. In fact, some treatments like Invisalign are practically invisible.

All of these add up to affordable treatment with a host of aesthetic and health benefits that make putting off that dreaded visit to the orthodontist harder and harder to justify.

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