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Feb 15th, 2013 Orthodontics For Kids In Central London Get in touch

When you are a little older, the idea of wearing braces doesn’t come with the psychological drama that comes with wearing them as a teenager. At this time of a person’s life, you are going to go through many changes in your life and what happens during these years can be with you forever. So it is always nice to get through the tedious issues with as less pain as possible. Getting your teeth straightened is going to be one of the most tempestuous times, but thanks to an orthodontic treatment called Invisalign Teen, this period of your life will pass almost unnoticed. Compared to anything that has ever been done before, Invisalign is a radical form of tooth alignment and it has been designed with all the fears and worries that teenagers go through when undergoing orthodontic treatments. Its first big advantage is that the aligner is clear, so it can barely be seen when fitted. It is also removable, which is a great plus when it comes to oral hygiene. Invisalign Teen aligners also come with a blue dot which signals when your next aligner needs to be fitted as your teeth move. But once you are on this programme, there is a lot of support offered as well. One comforting aspect of this is that if you lose an aligner, Invisalign will offer you 6 free replacements- this treatment is definitely every central London‘s teenager’s dream.

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